Sisters Alyssa & Chelsea Miller

Twinning For The Win in NYC

Fall in NYC. Discovering new corners in a city you love. Lots of new shoes so good, you may find them on the feet of your BFF too.

Designed for City Wandering

This season, we want to celebrate some of our favorite! So we tapped some of our favorite friends to show us how they (and their BFF/sister/soulmate) wear our fall collection in their favorite places. Meet sisters Chelsea & Alyssa Miller. They share a love of exploration—especially in places you can get lost in by foot. Check out the afternoon we spent with them in New York’s West Village, strolling through their favorite haunts.

Alyssa wearing the Venetian Midheel Boot

The Venetian Loafer

Quintessentially fall—and known to fool French tourists into thinking you speak their language.

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The Venetian Bootie

Talk about legs for days (it’s all thanks to that curved seam which gives the illusion of even more length).

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The Venetian Mule

Go ahead and hit snooze one more time on the alarm, here’s the shoe that goes with everything: denim, dresses, you name it.

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